IT Design

A good plan is half the battle!

TF-It services is experienced in creating functional IT infrastructure requirements. TF-It services translates these requirements into a custom-written technical design. This design is then tested against the set requirements to prove that everything works properly.

Functional design

A functional design is a specification of the functions of the software with which the end users have agreed. In this process, TF-It services focuses on the construction of a new or revised application.

Design TF IT services - plan

Objectives of a functional design

  • The functional design forms the basis of the technical design that is made in the next phase.
  • The functional design shows “How” the new system will work.
  • The functional design clarifies the functional specifications.
  • The designs and schematics are clear in comprehention.
  • The functional design process is iterative. This can result in a revision of the requirements.
  • It is the client and the users who will approve the functional design and confirm that it meets all the aforementioned requirements.

Technical design

A technical design is the detailed functional design for the IT specialist to build the application. The technical design determines how we will make the software. Which techniques do we choose? Where is data stored? How is entered data processed? etc.

The technical design includes:

  • Establishing principles and a plan of approach
  • The technology choice (web-based / local, programming language choice)
  • Choice of development method
  • Phasing / order of development / planning
  • Storage structure
  • The specification of procedures
  • The specification of partial tests and the final test
  • Mapping technical restrictions
  • Preparation of technical design report

For small projects, a composite functional / technical design is pragmatic.