IT Development / Implementation

Build according to your requirements and wishes!

After composing the functional IT requirements, TF-It services translates the requirements into a technical design. This design is then tested against the set requirements to prove that everything works properly.

In the technical design, a standard and/or customized software is chosen. What is the difference? With standard software you sometimes have to deal with unnecessary functions or missing features. Custom software fits exactly with the way your organization works.

Development TF IT services - codering

Building & implementing IT solutions

TF-It services IT Design

The introduction of a new software package has a major impact on your organization, processes, employees and financial resources. The high investments in time and money require a careful and project-based approach. You just want it to happen right.

TF-It services helps you in all phases of the implementation; in the preparation of the business case, the package selection and implementation. With the introduction of a new package, an appeal is made to the change capacity of the organization. The approach is characterized by strict planning and management based on results, but also by paying sufficient attention to active input, feedback and guidance from management and employees.

The implementation is only successful when the new software package is integrated in a new way of working!